About Us

Acoustical Mastery


Flashback is made up of professional quality musicians and use a self contained PA system meaning you only hear what you are supposed to!

Professional Stage Show


Flashback brings a lighting show designed around the individuality of each song so no matter the size of the stage, the audience feels like they are at a professional rock show!

80's Nostalgia


Flashback comes prepared in full era appropriate clothing to drive home the fun feeling of the 80's!

Flashback brings you all the rocking hits from the 80’s and beyond!  Mikie, Jewel, JC, and Chris are musical pros dedicated to putting on an amazing show no matter how big or small the venue. When you book Flashback at any bar, club, or private event you get a fully choreographed light show and professional acoustic setup for any space to compliment the notch musicianship brought to you by each member of the band.  All of the instruments are sent directly to a customized mixer and then directly to the PA, in other words all of the instruments are electronic meaning no rogue sounds from an open aired drum kit or guitar amplifier muddy the sound coming from the stage. This means you only hear what you are supposed to hear which is a whole lot of rock and roll goodness. Flashback’s vast set list includes over five hours of hits that can be tailored for any occasion designed to get people on the dance floor and keep them there all night long! We hope you consider Flashback for your musical needs in the future and we hope to be rocking with you soon! 

Meet The Band - Mikie


Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Meet The Band - Jewel


Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar

Meet The Band - JC


Drums, Backing Vocals



Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals